9 Incredibly Hot Movie Scenes You Simply Can’t Miss

It is true that movies tend to romanticize things and make even the most ordinary scenes look outstanding on big screen. Yet it is also true that directors and operators along with actors and designers manage to create absolutely mesmerizing and painstakingly intimate scenes that reveal the true beauty of human relationships. While reality may not be as dazzlingly hot as they make it look on screen, it is still interesting to watch what Hollywood considers to be ‘the ideal lovemaking scene’. Here are 10 of the hottest movie moments that focus on love and intimacy.

20 Surprising Facts About The Big Bang Theory You Probably Didn’t Know

I know this show has a lot of haters, but it’s a pretty fun and entertaining piece of television, IMO. If you’re a fan, you’ll definitely like this list, and if you don’t like TBBT, well, why would you even click on this post?
Anyway, here’s are 20 awesome little-known facts about the show, its actors and more!

10 Shocking Facts about Saudi Arabia

What can you tell me about Saudi Arabia? That it’s a strange and controversial middle-Eastern country? Oh, you don’t know the half of it. While the Western world treats it as an ally, you can see some basic human rights being violated right in front of your nose, especially when it comes to women’s rights. But, either way, it’s their country, their culture and ultimately their decisions, no matter how barbaric and bizarre they may seem to the Western world. So, here are a few curious facts about Saudi Arabia you may have never heard.

Top 10 Celebrities That Are Famous for No Reason

Usually celebrities need to work hard for their money and fame, but sometimes there are people like Kim Kardashian or Snooki, who just got extremely lucky and had everything handed to them on a silver platter. Now let’s see what those so-called celebrities did (or didn’t do) to become famous. If anything, this list proves that pretty much anyone can become famous given “the right place and the right time”.

12 Pinoy Beauties Who Rock Bikinis On Instagram

In 2015, Filipino beauty queens triumphed in two major world beauty pageants – Miss Universe and Miss Earth. Slender-figured and naturally-tanned, Pinoy girls are pearls in the crown of oriental beauty. Still, they are undeservedly living in the shadow of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese counterparts. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To prove that Filipino girls rank high among the most good-looking female earthlings, let us take a look at Filipino celebrities, the cream of the cream of the country’s beauties, wearing nothing but a swimsuit or a bikini.

25 Real-Life Cartoon Lookalikes

What if I told you that a lot of your most and least favorite cartoon characters exist in real life? Yeah, you heard me right. You like Cartman from South Park? There’s a guy who looks just like him! Mrs Potato Head – that’s Nicky Minaj! In fact, it’s kinda freaky that so many people (and some animals) have this uncanny visual resemblance to some random characters that popped up in someone’s imagination. The question is: is there or will there be a cartoon character that looks like you?